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March 31st

It's amazing how much I notice now then I did before I picked up a camera. I have always been fascinated with animals and especially birds. I new what most birds were, the sounds they make, and places where they are commonly found. Now, I know when to expect what, the kind of food certain birds like, and even when to expect certain behaviors.

These are Cedar Waxwings. They are almost always found in flocks and often do everything in unison. For the last few years, I found a flock of them at a bush in the back of our corpyard at work. Once the berries get ripe, I can expect the Waxwings. Once they are there, it only takes a few days for them to eat all the berries. In and out...that's it! This was the ONLY day I saw them there. I checked the day before and the day after..nothing. That doesn't mean they weren't there, but just not when I checked. There berries are now gone, as are the Waxwings.